Conditions of participation

Raffle conditions of participation

Participation and exclusion:
Raffles are not supported by Facebook / Instagram and are not affiliated with Facebook / Instagram. The recipient of the data and information provided by the participant is not Facebook / Instagram but TattooMed GmbH, Ulmer Str. 300, 70327 Stuttgart. This also applies to other separate platforms.

Participation in the raffle is only possible under the conditions of participation listed here. By participating in the competition, the participant explicitly acknowledges these terms and conditions. TattooMed GmbH reserves the right to cancel or terminate raffles at any time.

Participation is possible from 18 years. All people worldwide can participate. We reserve the right to exclude infringing or discriminatory contributions from the competition.

Profit and period
The package/ award is specified in the respective raffle. The period will also be announced in the respective raffle.

Profit determination & notification
The winner will be drawn by random and will be notified by TattooMed GmbH on the respective platform as specified in the raffle.

shipping by DHL

TattooMed GmbH reserves the right to end the raffle ahead of schedule, in whole or in part, without prior notice, or to amend it in its course, provided that it is not possible for technical or legal reasons to ensure that the raffle is fulfilled properly.

legal action
The legal process is excluded. Only the law of Germany is applicable. Should any of these terms and conditions be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions of participation remains unaffected. These conditions of participation can be changed at any time by TattooMed GmbH without separate notification. The profit can not be paid out.

Privacy policy see here: Privacy

As of: 25.07.2019

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