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TattooMed® Care Series
TattooMed® Care Series TattooMed® Care Series Discover our Tattoo Care Series. The best care right out of the studio.
TattooMed® Sun Protection Series
TattooMed® Sun Protection Series The TattooMed® Sun Protection Series: Ideal tattoo color protection for prolonged sunbathing. The broadband filter...
TattooMed® Laser Aftercare Series
TattooMed® Laser Aftercare Series The TattooMed® LASER AFTERCARE series has been specially engineered to meet the needs of recently lasered skin. The...
Our Products
Our Products TattooMed® offers specially developed products for the care of tattoos, piercings and laser-treated skin. An overview...
TattooMed® ProSeries
TattooMed® ProSeries The TattooMed® ProSeries provides the optimal wound care after tattooing. In addition to its flexibility and...
TattooMed® Permanent Make Up Series
TattooMed® Permanent Make Up Series The TattooMed® PMU Series was developed for the ideal care of your skin after a Permanent Makeup application.
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