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TattooMed© Family Care Package Tattoo

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Family Care Package No. 1 - All-round equipment for every tattoo fan In the 12-part Family... more
Product information "TattooMed© Family Care Package Tattoo"

Family Care Package No. 1 - All-round equipment for every tattoo fan

In the 12-part Family Care Package No. 1 you will find everything you need to care for your tattoos in every situation. This inexpensive bundle combines products for daily skin care with sun creams for various purposes and hygienic equipment for care directly after the prick. If you plan a big tattoo project in several sessions or if you want to be fully equipped with everything tattooed skin needs in your shared apartment or single bathroom, the Family Care Package No. 1 is just right for you. Be spontaneous! With the product package you can fly into the vacation at any time, get new tattoos engraved and prevent smaller age phenomena with your past works of art.

How do I use the products in the bundle correctly? A cream for every problem

1. Right after the tattoo appointment:
  • With the Clean & Care care sponge you can clean the open wound of impurities.
  • To clean a fresh tattoo you should not use water, but the hygienic and soothing Cleansing Gel.
  • Small tattoos can be Tattoo Protection Patchcovered with this.
  • For large tattoos you can cut the 5 meter long Tattoo Protection Film to size.
  • Does your fresh tattoo adorn an exposed spot? Protect the damaged skin from harmful UV radiation with the Protection Patch Black.
2. Healing and Care
  • If the skin begins to tighten and dry a few days after tattooing, use the medically effective After Tattoo Care Cream to relieve itching and accelerate healing.
  • With the Daily Tattoo Care Lotion you care for your tattoo after the complete healing.
  • So that you can always take the right care products with you in your suitcase, we have enclosed a transparent toilet bag.
3. Sun Protection
  • Small tattoos on your face, hands or shoulders can be protected from UV radiation in sunshine with the handy Sun Protect 30 care pen.
  • The Sun Protect 25 Lotion is suitable for large tattoos.
  • On hot summer days or on the beach your tattoos need an extra portion of care: With Sun Protect 50 Sun Cream you are protected from the sun for hours.
Package Contents
  • 1x after tattoo 100ml
  • 1x cleansing gel 100ml
  • 1x daily tattoo care 100ml
  • 1x clean & care sponge
  • 1x sun protection 25
  • 1x sun protection 50
  • 1x after sun 100 ml
  • 1x sun protection stick 30
  • 1x tattoo protection film
  • 1x tattoo protection patch 10 Stk./Pcs.
  • 1x protection patch black
  • 1x travel bag + flyer
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