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TattooMed© Family Care Package Tattoo + Laser


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Family Care Package Tattoo + Laser - Away with the youthful sins, make room for fresh motifs... more
Product information "TattooMed© Family Care Package Tattoo + Laser"

Family Care Package Tattoo + Laser - Away with the youthful sins, make room for fresh motifs

Not every Tattoo is created for eternity: If you are planning large cover-up projects or want to remove one or the other youthful sin with a laser treatment, you can stock up on all the necessary care products with the Tattoo+Family Care PackageLaser.

How your skin heals properly after the laser treatment

Part of the product bundle are the TattooMed LaserAftercare care lotions for laser-treated skin. TattooMed LaserAftercare L1 Acute Lotion cools and soothes the skin directly after the laser treatment. TattooMed L2 Skin Repair Lotion accelerates the regeneration process, so that the waiting time for any follow-up treatments can be shortened. Once the treatment is complete, you can protect your skin from UV rays with the moisturising TattooMed L3 Protection Cream and caress it gently. We also recommend a few days before the treatment to protect the skin from UV radiation.

Tattoo care after getting a Tattoo

Cover-ups irritate the skin much more than simple tattoos - so it is all the more important that the skin regenerates properly after tattooing. After the tattooing you should put on the TattooMed Tattoo Protection Patch to create a healthy wound climate. The patch can remain on the fresh wound for up to 5 days. After losing weight you can clean the freshly tattooed skin with TattooMed Cleansing Gel and TattooMed Clean & Care Sponge. Your tattoo artist can also apply the inconspicuous patches after tattooing. For larger tattoos the TattooMed Protection Film is included in the package. If you want to tattoo yourself in summer, make sure to use the UV-impermeable TattooMed Protection Patch Black, because the freshly tattooed skin no longer has its own sun protection.

Tattoo care for on the go

To protect tattooed skin from UV radiation and environmental influences, you should use our TattooMed Daily TattooCare Lotion every day. For hot sunny days we have added TattooMed Sun Protection sun creams with sun protection factor 25 and 50 to the product bundle. The handy TattooMed Sun Protection care stick with sun protection factor 30 is also included in the package. After long sunny days you can soothe your skin with TattooMed After Sun Lotion. So that everything fits into the suitcase on holiday, the transparent toilet bag is part of it, as with every bundle.

Package Contents
  • 1x TattooMed after tattoo 100ml
  • 1x TattooMed cleansing gel 100ml
  • 1x TattooMed daily tattoo care 100ml
  • 1x TattooMed clean & care sponge
  • 1x TattooMed sun protection 25
  • 1x TattooMed sun protection 50
  • 1x TattooMed after sun 100 ml
  • 1x TattooMed sun protection stick 30
  • 1x TattooMed tattoo protection film
  • 1x TattooMed tattoo protection patch 10 Stk./Pcs.
  • 1x TattooMed protection patch black
  • 1x TattooMed laser aftercare L1 akut
  • 1x TattooMed laser aftercare L2 skin repair
  • 1x TattooMed laser aftercare L3 protect
  • 1x TattooMed travel bag + flyer (the actual product may differ from the illustration)
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